skok salmon

4th of July fun

Still no fishing, but plenty of FUN! We went to Jeff’s parent’s house on Hood Canal for 3 days with our friends Derrick and Kari and we did just about every activity the Canal has to offer!

·         Swimming

·         Clam and Oyster digging

·         Crabbing

·         Fireworks show

·         Tequila!!!

·         Taught Kari how to shoot a bow

·         Bon fire

·         Relaxed on the water

·         Checked out the Skok in preparation for this fall fishing season

·         AND HAD A FEAST!






Saturday we watched the fireworks with our friend Herb down at the Tacoma Waterfront, and Sunday we all went and put in some HARD WORK elk scouting in almost 100 degree weather.

Loving this beautiful state and having so much time to enjoy my life since I’ve finished so many obligations that I had!



Now, a little controversial conversation that came up this weekend:

We had a conversion with someone who fishes on the Skok and who openly admitted to snagging. In fact, they bragged about how good their son was. The conversation didn’t occur the way I would have liked, but it was apparent that they knew what snagging was, and that the notion of snagging in the river was unethical and they felt the need to justify themselves as soon as they found out our thoughts on snagging, especially on the Skok.

I’ve written a blog or two about my thoughts on snagging and I’ll be open and honest: When you know snagging is unethical and you do it anyways, you lose my respect and when you know it’s unethical and choose not to fish that way but don’t attempt to educate others that don’t understand fishing for salmon, you lose some credibility. I’m not saying everyone should go preach about their fishing ethics or beliefs, but everyone should respectfully be working towards making our fisheries the as ethical as possible.

While the conversation was intended to educate the “snagger” about fall salmon in the rivers and the consequences of snagging, it was presented in a disrespectful manor, and I’m ashamed of that. There’s this horrible relationship that tends to build between snaggers and bait chuckers during fall salmon where fishermen pit up against one another and become enemies that insult and abuse not only each other, but the fishery. I get it, not everyone will have the same level of respect or understand certain concepts and I’ll include myself when I say that if you blatantly disregard the regulations, my space, and my chances of fishing ethically and you know better, bait chuckers may insult and create a bigger situation than simply leaving the fishery.

However, I wish to see more education and chivalry among the anglers. We all share this passion and fire and we should have a certain level of respect for the opportunities that we are given to have hatchery salmon. We should not be feuding or putting one another down, we should be collaborating, being open-minded, and respectful to one another. As we approach fall salmon, you’ll see more posts from me and I hope everyone can be a bit more mindful about such a touchy subject. <3