Springer fishing

Am I going to catch a springer or what??

Well it was my birthday weekend and I had an amazing time with Jeff and my family, however, I am extremely sad to report that I DID NOT catch a fish :(

Saturday was filled with errands and birthday parties, but I decided Sunday was the day to fish for sure! We headed to the Cowlitz for a little springer action and I fished ALL DAY LONG with no success. Jeff landed this one around 11 AM so the day was looking bright. Little did we know, that was the end of the daily bite.

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Springer fishing the big C

Ah, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend; Amazing weather, fish on the end of our line, great neighbors, and a quiet trip just for me and my best friend!

With the springer season expected to close this week on the lower Columbia (but hopefully extended!), we decided to head down to put in our time and continue to learn a tough fishery. We have been fishing the big C for 3 springer seasons in a row and only make it down there about once or twice a season, but rarely have luck. We have caught one fish in the 3 years and a total of about 5 trips but we know you have to put in the time and effort to learn a new fishery; they don’t just produce fish for everyone!

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Being a part of your community

This past weekend I didn’t catch any fish! We fished the big C and only got to see one fish being netted but it was an amazing sight to see so many boats out there. Of course I wasn’t happy with the competition, but the NW Steelheaders Association – Portland Chapter put together a “wounded for warriors” trip and that is what was such an amazing sight. There were hundreds of boats out on Saturday and I got to meet a few amazing ladies that were part of this chapter and Wounded for Warriors trip. There were plenty of smelt and sea lions out there catching all of the fish so I hope that some warriors were able to find some in the mix.

I also attended the North of Falcon meeting last week in an effort to see what may be done to clean up the Skokomish rivers and some other Puget Sound salmon fisheries this fall. The Skok is where Jeff learned to fish and where I caught my first salmon. It’s not the prettiest place, especially during salmon season, but it COULD be. Anyhow, I’m not writing to talk about the Skok and it’s issues, but rather to talk about my first experience attending a meeting of this nature.
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Are you ready for SPRINGERS?

Are you ready for Springers?

I had the amazing opportunity to see Terry Wiest and Bill “Swanny” Swanson give 2 amazing seminars on spring chinook fishing in both the smaller rivers, and trolling in the Columbia. Here is a recap from this weekend and a few tips and tricks to help you gear up for the springers this year!

Why do we all love springers so much?

Spring chinook are chinook that enter the river system a few months earlier than it’s fall siblings. However, they still spawn around the same time in late fall/early winter. They are much more prepared to live in fresh water for several months before making it to their spawning grounds or hatcheries. These fish have a much higher fat content and enter the fresh water while the tempurature is still quite a bit cooler than in August and September. The cooler water doesn’t break down the fish’s genetic disposition and because of this, the prized springers have quite a bit more energy to fight on the end of your line and a much higher fat content for better table fare.
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