summer steelhead

Danika Campos from Pullman WA has had quite the success this summer! I’m lovin’ this contagious smile!


Is it steelhead time again???

Alison Chenoweth recently caught this beauty! I love how vivid and colorful this entire picture is and that it’s steelhead time again!!!! <3

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June fishing

Well haven’t I just been slacking this summer! I really haven’t fished much, but a little here and there but I’ve been running around doing everything else under the sun!

Before the rain and chilly weather came we were fishing up at the Sky and actually had a pretty decent day a few weeks ago!

Once the river dropped we risked it and fished anyways. Much to our disappointment we got the first Skykomish skunking. Not even a bite all day :(

Because of the low water, we decided to head down to the Columbia with my friend Kari and her husband Derrick and we had a fantastic weekend! Other than being exhausted from a lack of sleep (which I made up for while we sat on anchor all day), it was great to fish with new friends and we caught a bunch of fish! We got a super nice king, quite a few summer steelhead, and even a sockeye! I didn’t get to see the sockeye so my life still goes on without ever having seen or caught one (they’re on the bucket list). We were one fish shy of a limit before the tide rolled in and we had to call it quits on the second day.

We’ve even been getting ready for hunting!!!! Scopin out the spots!

This weekend we’re heading out to the canal for some more fun and crabbing! I managed to finish my homework for the week so I just get to kick back and relax! We may go fishing on Sunday, so I’ll be sure to post Sunday night if we go out!

LOVING the sun!

I couldn’t have asked for a better, more beautiful weekend! We put away the Cowlitz springer gear last weekend and headed to a smaller river for some beautiful scenery and peace and quiet. I’m happy to say we didn’t see a single other boat, and we got quite a few shots at some fish in all different techniques. What a nice little change of pace from Drano, Columbia, and Barrier Damn on the Cowlitz!


Sunday, we headed up to the Sky for the opener and it wasn’t the greatest fishing, but it was another beautiful day! It was busy as expected, but the weather was perfect! Overcast morning with some good biters before 8 AM. The bite really did down in the late morning/afternoon after all the boats have gone through, but we ended up going 7 for 7! Only one hatchery fish, and 3 of those fish were down river steelhead, but it was still good fun and a great way to end the weekend!

Back to the grind this week, field course on Saturday, and fishing again on Sunday! I have finals next week too so either fishing will clear my mind enough to do well, or I’ll have to fit some serious studying in between all that :)