trolling for salmon

Herring Brine

So I’ve been doing a bit of trolling lately since we got the sled and I have to say, we’ve tested a lot of brines until we finally figured out what is consistently AMAZING! I got this recipe from a seminar from Swanny on springer fishing we use it for all salmon when trolling!

We add some scents here and there if we’re not getting bites but see rollers and we’re fishing in slower water (slack tide or Drano Lake on the Columbia), but the base is ALWAYS the same! Brine the night before, leave in the brine for no more than 36 hours. If you’re going to fish more than one day, just take the herring out of the brine and keep cold to keep them from getting “burned” and shriveling up!

Below is a link to a recap of the seminar from Terry Wiest and Swanny:

Swanny’s herring brine:

2 qts purified, non-chlorinated water or river water

2 cups Kosher or Sea Salt

1 cup brown sugar

1 tbs Mrs. Stuart’s Bluing – for SHINE and bringing out the blues, greens, and purples in the scales

¼ cup powdered milk - to keep the scales set and in tact when the herring gets ‘burnt’ from the salt

Salt water salmon

Fall salmon make it so hard to keep up with homework! Another successful weekend out on the big water! We made some last minute plans and was able to fill the boat up with some new friends!

We headed out on Saturday with our friends Andrew and Zach and Andrew’s “Uncle Phil” who doesn’t get to catch many fish :) He ended up with a king and quite a few silvers all chrome fighting machines! We got to test out some new flashers and even got a coho on a spinner which is always extra fun because it’s not the primary method when we’re in the salt water.

I wanted to know about the game, I would watch it! lol

On Sunday, we headed out with Zach and Amy and Brady which was our first time fishing with them! It’s always great to meet new people who share the same love for the outdoors, and an added bonus when it’s a girl! We stumbled through some tangles, rough water, and as the sun came out, tide came in, and wind died down, we started nailing them!

Amy and Brady are avid hunters and fairly avid fishermen but don’t get out quite as often as us so it was a blast teaching them all kinds of new techniques and getting to see them put their new skills to use fighting fish in the big water. They were great company, learned fast, and Jeff even let Brady net a few fish, which is really, really rare for him haha.

After a great morning, we cooked up a few elk burgers and called it an early day and headed home with 8 chrome coho in the box. Luckily, it’s Brady’s birthday this month and Amy just got him a new smoker! Looks like the perfect time to bring home this many fish!

We didn’t get any pics, but we ended up getting quite a few fish on some green and blue flashers! Go Seahawks!!