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Grundens Gage Weather Watch Jacket Review


I got a new rain jacket for days that I need rain protection, but not quite as much as my wading jacket protection. I’ve expressed my concern for a lack of women’s fishing apparel quite frequently and Grunden’s has been super active in coming up with some great stuff for the ladies. While the women’s stuff in still in the works, I found that some of their men’s items come in an XS! This is unreal! Who makes men’s XS?!

Grunden’s makes men’s XS and when I got my jacket in the mail, I was so happy to see it was a PERFECT FIT! Aside from the fit, it had a chest pocket both on the outside and inside. I use regular pockets for my hands, so chest pockets are a requirement to hold my phone and keys.


It also has Velcro wrists, adjustable hood, and adjustable cords on the bottom so my jacket doesn’t look like a dress ;)

So aside from all the features that make it more comfortable, the most important part is….was it waterproof?



I wore the jacket out on 3 separate fishing trips, 3 different weekends (and all around hunting camp in the evenings). It’s fleece on the inside, soft shell waterproof outside with fully taped seams and 100% waterproof. It kept me warm, dry, and comfortable. One of the weekends fishing was a torrential downpour and rained an inch and a half. I ended up swapping all of my clothes by mid afternoon so I’ll keep my wading jacket for the Washington rain storms, but you can count on seeing me in this jacket for our more typical foggy and rainy days.

Biggest bonus? This one doesn’t break the bank! I’ve been able to find them online as low as $65!

The Gage Weather Watch Jacket comes from a trusted brand, it’s comfortable, warm, dry, and it’s affordable.

Back from hunting!

I’m back! We didn’t bring home an elk, but we had an awesome time and learned A TON!

But more importantly, I’m back to fishing! YEEEESSSS!!!

Jeff had to work on Saturday so I took the sled out with a few friends in hopes to get some silvers. It was the first time I’ve ever taken the sled without him so really, I just wanted to hook a fish or two to prove to myself that I can fish without my buddy haha. And…….

We did it! We went 2/4 and the two we caught were kings that couldn’t be retained, but we had an awesome time! A good friend that fishes with us often was able to bring his girlfriend (Drew McCarty) and she got this beautiful king!

Andrew also brought his girlfriend Ashley and she got the other king (likely 30lbs!) but we weren’t quite able to get it all the way in the net. I was thrilled to have hooked a few fish, gotten some great kings, Drew’s first salmon ever, and my first trip without Jeff was a success!

Jeff was back on Sunday to be our captain and we definitely got a lot more fish LOL. To be fair, everyone got more fish Sunday, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he would have at least tripled our number if he was captain on Saturday. We caught way too many fish to keep track, but ended up with 6 silvers in the box! Jeff even got what we think might be his biggest king, although we didn’t measure it so that we could quickly get it back on it’s way. Here’s a few pics from Sunday:

I’m so happy to be back from hunting, feeling refreshed, calm, fulfilled, and blessed. And ready for more fishing! :D