The injured Willie

This weekend was certainly not the best weekend, but they can’t all be full of smiles and fish on the end of our hooks, can they? It started off great with the Sportsman Show Friday night, however I was hanging out at the NW Sportsman magazine booth so I didn’t get to mingle and check out all the product! Jeff did enough of that and we got all the salmon floats we’ll need this year for dirt cheap!

Saturday morning was great too! Not many people out (I assume all at the show especially because all the water is low, low, low and clear, clear, clear. Ever since we had the cold weather, the motor hasn’t been running the best but we ended up stranded on the river with no power to the main motor. Luckily, we ran into another boat who stopped to help and offered many ideas, finally coming to conclusion that someone needs to go get the truck, and the boat goes down river to the next takeout.

I was the lucky winner of being the shuttle and the very funny gentlemen in the boat certainly turned my frown upside down! Knowing it would take them a bit longer to get to the next launch than me, we fished a little bit on the way up! I finally got to the launch and the boys were nowhere to be seen. I got to take a nice, long nap!

We headed home too late to make it to the sportsman show so that I could actually walk around. Although it was not a good day at all and Sunday was spent trying to troubleshoot and find someone to fix the motor, Jeff did get a wee bit of action before the motor went; A nice 14lb wild fish on an old sack of roe.

I got to run the boat a tiny bit while he fought the fish and I did watch an 8 yr old kid drive the boat onto a trailer and that was the swift kick in the butt that I needed. Jeff has been trying to get me to learn to run the boat since we got it and more than anything, I’m afraid of going fast. The only sport I was ever good at was cheer and we luckily were stationary! You can throw me in the air, I’ll throw you in the air and I let you fall on me before you hit the ground, however going fast is not something that I do. I failed at many sports because I hate going fast, but now I have no choice. If an 8 yr old can do it, I can certainly get comfortable doing it! Next task to master: running the sled; provided it’s up and running soon!