A fish for everyone


I couldn’t have asked for a better 2 days of fishing! We headed south with Jeff’s dad and 2 very good family friends and it was definitely a trip to be remembered.

His dad’s fishing phrase “we always catch fish when I’m in the boat” has only been untrue one time (it was a boat issue, not fishing). He somehow, and I say somehow because if you saw him fishing you wouldn’t understand it either, landed the first fish! Not only do we not know how he happened to be the first one to get a take-down, he high stuck his rod right into Jeff’s while he was reeling up and the weight prevented Gordon from being able to reel any farther. As the fish darted towards the boat the bobber floated back up the to surface and the line went slack. Thank goodness for barbed hooks because after about a minute of slack line, the fish was still on! Gordon still couldn’t reel up despite having gotten out MOST of the mess at his rod tip. Jeff had to HAND LINE in a 12 lb steelhead all to realize it was a downriver wild fish. Luckily it was a little tired and we could quickly remove the hooks before it decided to take off again :)

That was just one story of many that day. I had a slight injury and wasn’t sure if I would be able to reel in a fish after hooking and reeling in a million small, unwanted, bottom feeders. I played deckhand and spent most of the day tying leaders and baiting hooks. But when I finally hooked a steelhead, I handed my rod off to Peter (Jeff’s family friend) who doesn’t get to fish much and who hadn’t hooked a steelhead all year. We landed it, grabbed a great pic, and let that kelt go back to her journey to the ocean.

The next day, we went out with some of our friends and ended up going 6 for 9! I was still a bit broken so I was the unfortunate one who lost 2 of the 3 lost but I did end up landing one by the end of the day! Of course the first fish hooked in the morning was mine and it was “a bright 12 lb hatchery hen with sea lice”. You know how those fish tails are. The second fish that I lost was AGAIN thanks to Jerry who handed off his rod so that he could do something else. Jerry, fairly new to our fishing boat, decided that instead of rebaiting his hook, he would just grab another one that was already rigged and baited. We gave him quite a bit of greif and let him know that steelhead fishing and lazy can’t go hand in hand. So he gave me his rod to fish while he baited that hook and sure enough, fish on!  :)

It was only 2:30 PM and we were debating on calling it a day. We hadn’t hooked anything in about 2 hours and we all had a really good day but something told us to go fish one more run. While the entire boat fished one side of the river, I decided that I wanted to try the other side. When I called out “fish”, no one believed me and thought I just had another slimy bottom feeder until that steelhead made a great big huge leap. Then the jokes stopped and the panic set in. I had already lost two and I said that I was going to hand off the next fish but my fingers just wouldn’t let go of that rod. I was determined to land this fish and I did just that :)

The water and weather was warm, the fish were hungry and fought great, and the company was good. These are the days we live for and what makes getting through a work week so worth it.