Wading jacket review

Simms Women’s Guide Jacket

Staying dry and comfortable while fishing is one of my biggest priorities when I’m preparing for an outing. Sure, I am tough and try not to let the weather get the best of me when I’m fishing, but I will admit, I don’t like the rain and having soggy clothes is something that can easily ruin my mood and a day on the water. I have gone through several different pairs of waders, wader jackets, “waterproof” jackets, hats, gloves, rain pants, you name it. When it comes to staying to dry, I almost have no boundaries; including price.

I have Simms previous women’s guide jacket and it was great, but it had its flaws. For every amazing quality it had that I was unable to find from another manufacture, it had something I didn’t like or would have liked improved. Simms has since redesigned that model and introduced a jacket that covers everything I could have possibly thought of and then some.

The women’s guide jacket is absolutely not just for guides but merely a woman who fishes in the rain. This jacket simply can’t be for a guide only, because as a woman, we all have very similar needs when fishing in the rain. Even if you only fish a few times every winter, if you’re like me, you’ll wish you had a jacket that keeps the water off your clothes. If a wading jacket doesn’t keep ALL the rain out, what good is it? This jacket has covered every nook and cranny all while keeping in mind that our bodies are shaped differently and we don’t need excess materials and clothes that are too big to get in the way.

The Simms Women’s Guide Jacket has a tapered waist and longer sleeves and body length than any other jacket I own all while keeping its sleek design. The collar is extra high which I originally thought of as uncomfortable because it comes to my chin. However, after a day in the rain, I am ever grateful because I can tuck my chin inside giving my face even further protection from the rain. In this extra-tall collar is the option to stow away the hood! Something great for summertime or simply rain-free winter days when the jacket is needed for wind-resistance, but you don’t need the hood in the way of over the shoulder tackle bags.

There are MULTIPLE drawstrings which I cannot be happier about. I can keep adjust the size of hood for when I need the extra room for a ponytail or hat, or for when I need it smaller and closer to my head. Also around the face of the hood to prevent the wind from blowing it off or rain to drip inside the hood. There are also drawstrings at the bottom so the jacket stays tight at my hips all very discreetly tucked away so nothing gets caught.



Below are a few more features worth mentioning:

  • Saltwater friendly YKK® zippers
  • Flannel-lined, zippered hand warmer pockets
  • 2 large concealed chest pockets accommodate gear and house hidden built-in retractors
  • GORE-TEX® Soft Shell technology that provides excellent protection in a soft, comfortable fabric

My absolute favorite thing about this jacket that I couldn’t have designed better if I were the designer and that is one of the major changes from the last jacket, is the end of the sleeves. This jacket has stretch storm cuffs underneath the sleeves that allow you to tighten for extra water protection. Keeping not only water, but also rain out of your sleeves was basically the cherry on top. You wouldn’t believe my excitement as I realized how wonderful these would be. My greatest dislike about my previous wading jacket was the sleeves. They were the first to get wet and when my sleeves get wet, it runs up to my elbow and then my shoulder. Pretty soon, I am stuck fishing in the rain with a completely soggy sleeve all day. There is a neoprene type material that doesn’t just slip over your thumb, but Velcro’s tightly around your wrist making releasing fish worriless and fulfills all intents and purposes regarding the rain. No rain will ever drip up my arm because I’m trying to hold my rod out or because I need re-bait or tie which keeps my sleeves facing upwards. This feature alone is well worth getting this jacket, but there are so many other features that complete this jacket making it amazing.

Visit Simms website today to learn more and find it at a retailer near you!