Wader Reviews

Redington Waders:

Redington has recently taken waders to a whole new level with their new welded and double taped seams. This truly has set them apart from most of the other wader companies as my biggest concern was always having seams that got tiny holes, or stitching that came undone. The chance of this happening when you don’t have sewn seams is greatly reduced. Redington has been making several different styles of women’s waders for years and has always satisfied me both for the comfort and fit of the waders, as well as for my wallet. They are one of the only companies that have not just invested in waders for women, but invested different styles and fits for different women and continue to improve the quality and advancement of the women’s waders as technology improves.

I have had to use Redington’s customer service and warranty options because I tore a pair of waders. They were EXTREMELY helpful and didn’t hesitate to send me a new pair. My waders fell under warranty and I kept my receipt, but their customer service was most definitely beyond my expectations. I received a personal phone call discussing my options and had a new pair of waders to be delivered to my house the following day. I accidently provided the incorrect mailing address and once the product was returned back to Redington, they sent them next-day AGAIN after confirming my accurate address. It’s difficult to find a company that will assist you even when it wasn’t their fault and Redington exceeded all necessary expectations.


Redington – Women’s Sonic-Pro

These waders are quite possibly the most technologically designed waders for women. Inspired by the men’s Sonic Pro waders that Redington offers, they are built to last and withstand rugged terrain, but made to fit a woman’s body. While they do not use the exact same sizing convention as Redington’s other women’s waders, they maintain the extra room where needed, and not so much room where it’s not needed. They are a bit baggier than another pair of Redington’s waders in the same size, it wasn’t a huge difference. Check out the sizing charts and if you are able, try on a pair before purchasing.

My favorite part of these waders that I have yet to see another company utilize is the upper chest shape. Whether you are small or large on top, finding waders that fit your bust area is extremely challenging and Redington nailed it with the women’s Sonic Pro’s. They are not cut straight all the way around, however, they merge up into the straps and have a separate lining around the top that make it easier to fit no matter what your size and much more comfortable. No need for that drawstring around the top to make you look like a parachute, and no need to give up the ability to breath just to have waders that fit!

The zipper in the front does make it much easier to get in and out of, but it’s a bit tough to unzip/zip because the zipper is so thick. On the off hand, it is waterproof and the difficulty to unzip is absolutely something I would compromise to have the waterproof zipper. They are 4-layers which is also one of the most layers I have ever seen in a women’s waders and with all of Redington’s new wader models, they come with the welded and double taped seams rather than sewn so there is much less chance for leakage.

These waders are absolutely perfect for the women who fishes often and who travels through brush often to get to her favorite fishing hole. They are both durable and comfortable and one of the best women’s waders on the market today. Running in around $350, they aren’t the cheapest, but well worth it if you are a women who fishes frequently.


Redington – Women’s Willow River

The Redington Willow River waders are your basic 3-layer, conventional, yet durable, waders for women. They don’t come with a steep price, but are still made with the quality needed to suite women’s needs. They are made with the hourglass shape of a woman so they are not excessively baggy around the mid-section, but have the extra room around the hips.

Something that is new to these waders that Redington wasn’t making in their earlier women’s models is the flip out pocket. I’ve found this extremely useful to hold my license, keys, and phone. It’s easier than digging in your pants pockets or having to remove your waders to reach your pocket.

One of my favorite features on these waders, which I think EVERY wader should have, is interlocking strap buckles. The waders are thin enough to roll down on hot summer days and instead of trying to find a new way to keep your waders in place at your hips, the straps lock into each other and hold as a belt. One of the most amazing, yet simple, features!

Running around $150, these waders are perfect for the women or child who fishes regularly enough to have waders, but maybe not the every weekend fisherwoman. Even if you only fish a few times a year, you’ll quickly learn that finding out you have leaky waders the hard way can make for a bad trip, so invest in waders that are going to remain durable!

Redington – Men’s Sonic-Pro

The Men’s Sonic-Pro waders are Redington’s top of the line wader. They have all the new technology and advancement combined into one amazing pair of waders.

The reinforced lower legs are a necessity for those who go on long and treacherous excursions through thick brush. Not only is the extra layer going to prevent tears from logs and branches, but it provides one more layer to keep you warm during the winter months, or when wading in deep water.

Again, Redington has included their welded, double taped articulated seams to reduce the wear and tear along the seams and for increased mobility. The technology that was put into these waders is undeniably perfect. They have the full front zipper which not only makes access in and out a breeze, but it makes it easier for the gentlemen to do their business.

With the price only at $379, they are truly a bang for your buck. They are built to last and designed for comfort and durability!




Simms Waders

Simms has some of the most durable waders on the market today. Most of their top of the line waders have 5-layers on the bottom which is amazing when you’re standing in cold water, or if you walk through thick brush often.  Simms also offers their waders in a large variety of sizes including tall, short, king/queen, etc.  With Simms, comes a price, but they creates their products to withstand the wear and tear by guides which means, they are created for those who fish daily and don’t have time to worry about products that fail.

Simms stands by their product and works to ensure their customers are satisfied. While I have never had any issues with their waders, I got a few pinholes in my first wading jacket and after two years when I sent it in for repair, my expectations were far exceeded. They patched a total of 42 holes and shipped it back to me after a phone call and email discussing what was done to my jacket and how I can prevent/repair on my own. What truly went above my expectations was the custom work that was done to make the jacket meet my needs better. It was a very simple addition, but they did this without question and just because they knew I needed it.


SIMMS – G3 Guide Convertible

The G3 convertible waders takes Simms quality in their most popular waders, and combines the option of have pants, or chest waders; A remarkable feature for the angler who doesn’t like the restriction of chest waders, but sometimes needs the extra height for deep wading.

Simms has some of the toughest waders with sections of 5-layers not only great to reduce tears and rips, but keeping you warm while wading and sitting on wet seats. The upper layers are 3-layers for more comfort and the convertible waders include a built in belt that easily tightens/loosens on both sides.

The top is slightly thinner than the rest of the waders, however it folds away nicely in the bottom of the waders for extra comfort. The top of the waders zips right in the waist so you do not have to worry about the extra bulk when they are converted to pants.

Rather than the typical inseam on the inside and outside of the legs, Simms has a patented front and back leg seam that helps prevent the inevitable wear and tear that I always experience with my waders on the inside of the knees.

Running around $450, you get the durability and quality from Simms in one amazing pair of waders that really serves as two!






SIMMS – G3 Guide Stockingfoots

Simms most popular wader stands up to the needs of the everyday fisherman. The DEET and saltwater resistant wader is made with GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric technology. They legs are reinforced with 5-layers while the upper part of the waders are 3-layers for more comfort and less restriction.

The G3’s have Simms patented front and back leg seam rather than the traditional inside/outside seams which may be more prone to wear and tear. The lower leg section is really as durable as they come.

One of my favorite features on these waders is something as simple as the flip-out pocket. It is attached at the top of the waders and easily flips out for easier access to your license, phone, and keys and keeps everything dry and secure. The outside pocket includes a zipper pouch and the an additional pocket that is fleece-lined and has a small pocket to store a hand warmer!

Running around $450, the G3 Guide Stockingfoots are extremely conventional, comfortable, and durable. Great for the fisherman who gets out often and needs the extra rugged, durability that Simms provides.